CareHealth Addresses Drawbacks in the
Current Healthcare System

The EHR Design

Suboptimal EHR systems are holding back healthcare. Physicians spend twice as much time in EHRs as they do with patients.


Physicians spend a disproportionate amount of time on documentation and administrative tasks.

Chronic Disease
Management Crisis

About 70% of the patients with chronic disease do not receive guidelines-based care, causing adverse health outcomes and increasing health expenditure.

Loss of

Loss of productivity and underbilling cause financial losses to the healthcare system.

Our Products

CareHealth is a clinical workflow improvement secure HIPAA-compliant web application integrated
into the EHR and will act as a clinical assistant for providers in their everyday work.

Note 360

Our AI-powered solution optimizes clinical workflows during patient visits through automated documentation, coding, and quality measurement to maximize physician productivity, optimize reimbursements and improve the quality of care.

  • 5Generative AI-based Speech to Text
  • 5Data extraction from scanned documents
  • 5Automate clinical note documentation
  • 5Clinical decision support
  • 5AI-Powered HCC code identification
  • 5Capture HEDIS measures

Task Box

Our intelligent automation solution streamlines clinical workflows between patient visits by automating EHR inbox tasks and enabling more efficient patient-physician communication.

  • 5Generative AI-based Speech to Text
  • 5Automated inbox management
  • 5Secure communication with patients 
  • 5Smart workflow and documentation templates

EZ scribe

Our powerful, accurate, affordable speech recognition software empowers all care team members to efficiently document various tasks by voice. This includes visit notes, orders, referrals, call summaries, and more. The result is improved productivity, complete medical records, and better patient outcomes.

EHR Connect

Our seamless integration engine enables third-party applications to interface bi-directionally with EHRs, enhancing the EHR’s functionality.

How It Works

Note 360

Note 360

Before the
Clinic Visit

Precharting assistance.
Aggregate and surface the relevant data to the clinician.

At the Clinic

Provide treatment recommendations and simplifies order entry.

After the
Clinic Visit 

Clinic note generation, billing assistance, patient summary.

Task Box

Task Box

Between the
Clinic Visits

Help clinicians with inbox management by automation.

Before and After
How CareHealth Saves Time for the Healthcare Provider

Number of clicks per patient



5 Clicks

Time spent on documenting a note



5 Min.

Total time saved
per day



75  Min.

What Sets Us Apart

Physicians Building for Physicians

Clinical Validation in Pilot Studies

Integrated into EHR

Integration into the Clinical Workflow

HIPAA Compliant

CareHealth Copilot Benefits

Cost savings for healthcare systems

Improved quality of
clinical care

Improved physician